Payment of Staff over Christmas / New Year


Due to the day on which Christmas/New Year and Boxing Day/1 January fall this year the calculation of payment and leave entitlement is a little more straight forward than the immediately preceding years.

As none of the above days fall on a Saturday/Sunday there is no requirement to transfer the day in which the public holiday is worked on.

The provisions of The Holidays Act 2003 will therefore mean:

  • If an Employee is rostered to work on any of the four (4) public holidays that fall over this period they shall be entitled to 0.50 of their hourly rate for each hour, or part thereof, worked on the day, in addition to their usual remuneration payment for the day.
  • If this is a regular/rostered day for them they shall also be entitled to a fully paid alternative day for each public holiday worked with this to be taken at a later agreed date.
  • If the Employees rostered day(s) off fall on any of the public holidays they shall not be entitled to any payment for the day on account that the day on which the public holiday felt was not a regular working day for them (no transferring principles will apply).
    Payment Calculations.

Payment Calculations:

The calculation for hourly paid Employees will be relatively straight forward if they work on the day, this being one and one half times their usual hourly rate for each hour (or part thereof) worked on the day.

For salaried paid Employees it is a little more complex with the payment entitlement being determined by the actual number of hours worked on the day.

  • If the Employee works more than 2/3 of their usual daily working hours then they will be entitled to receive an additional payment (over and above their usual salary daily rate) equal to 0.50 of the nominal hourly rate for each hour physically worked on each public holiday.

          The nominal hourly rate being determined by dividing the average daily rate by the average number of hours usually worked per day.

  • If the Employee works less than 2/3 of their usual hours no additional payments (over and above their usual daily salary payment) are required on account that the payment received will equate to at least time and one half for each hour worked on the day.

If you have any questions regarding calculating payments to staff over this period, please feel free to contact us.


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