The Importance of On-Boarding


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When tasked with the role of hiring new Employees, so much focus is put into hiring the ‘right person for the right role’ and in amongst the excitement of your new hire, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the recruitment process shouldn’t just stop there. Once your candidate has been hired, it is critical that they receive the right introduction to the business to ease the transition into their new role and environment and enable them to confirm to themselves that they have made the right decision in accepting the position.

The care and attention invested at the start of the new Employee’s journey with the organisation will be the foundation of their long-term success. By implementing a great on-boarding programme, new Employees will acquire all the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours for them to be effective quickly, which in turn will create a higher level of productivity and better retention for the organisation.

Different approaches to this will be carried out depending on the organisation and its culture. However, the core fundamentals remain the same – equip them with the right tools and information and they’ll equip you with great performance and great outcomes.

All onboarding programmes should be planned ahead and whilst creating the structure for this, it’s important to remember that it’s not only about getting the paper work done and ticking the boxes, (although these things do have to be done) it’s the smaller things that often go a long way in making the new Employee feel comfortable and integrated in their new work life. Key areas to include are the essentials such as workplace safety, policies and procedures but including things such as ‘meet the team’ breakfast, how to request annual leave and even how to use the coffee machine are all pivotal in the new Employee achieving success.

Implementing a buddy is also a worthwhile consideration. This could be someone within the direct team or someone elsewhere in the organisation. It makes sense for this to be someone that has been employed for some time and has great insight into the company culture, procedures and policies.  This system gives the manager the ability to focus on how his new Employee can add value, whilst still allowing for the new Employee to have a point of contact for general enquires. Someone who can answer the lower level operational questions, offer day to day support or it even just gives them someone to go to lunch with in those first few days!

Onboarding is something that should continue through the first few months and offer regular reviews and support. Starting a new job should be a great experience all round and done well, will greatly benefit both the employer and the Employee.

Fegan Recruitment (a division of Russell Drake Consulting) takes pride in being a unique, independent agency who will always go the extra mile to ensure client and candidate satisfaction. That’s why we see value in not only assisting with the full recruitment process, but we can also provide a complete onboarding programme and facilitate review meetings included as part of this process.

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