The 'Lucky Ones' Feeling Down

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Nothing stays the same for very long and it’s fair to say that as human beings we struggle with change. Some are quicker to adapt than others but ultimately, if we can avoid it, we will!


Change is a fundamental part of any business and having the ability to adapt to its everchanging need’s plays a big part in what makes a business successful.

On occasion, this can lead to the need for a restructure. A process that can ripple through an organisation and be all encompassing for those it envelops from consultation right through to the final stages, and often leading into the months ensuing.

All too frequently, the focus is on those directly affected and a lot of time and effort is allocated into ensuring a procedurally fair and correct process is followed. But what happens to your staff who are left in your business that have seen the changes, big or small, or when valued team members and work colleagues are no longer there and there is uncertainty about the future requirements of their role in the organisation?

It’s become clear that any restructure has an impact on the health and well-being of all employees within the business and many hold the viewpoint that if an employee remains within their role and/or with their job intact, that they are seen as one of the ‘lucky ones’. As an Employer, it’s important to be aware of this and be conscious of the additional pressures felt by employees as the process can impact greatly on the productivity of those remaining and can leave people feeling demotivated, anxious and with a sense of distrust.

In order to retain the employee’s remaining, the employer should ensure they have a process in place that will support the team admit to the recent changes and offer any additional training or support that may be needed, especially if new responsibilities have been acquired. This will significantly increase an employee’s motivation, improve morale and reaffirm the commitment of the business in moving forward.

With people being at the core of any business, it’s important to take time and care in the aftermath of a restructure in order to re-install feelings of trust and motivation to enable the business to move forward, as it is in the lead up to and throughout the process.

If you require advice or assistance with regards to restructuring your business or support following any recent changes, please contact us here at Russell Drake Consulting. We’re more than happy to help!

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