Cornerstone Growth Edition - Take the headache out of employee appraisals 

Let’s face it, performance reviews are often a painful experience for your entire organisation. Most managers find the approach to be ineffective, there is little guidance on how to coach and develop their employees, HR often chases down managers and employees to submit their paper-based reviews. At the speed of business today, organisations risk disengaging and potentially losing their top performers without a performance review strategy and effective review automation. Cornerstone Growth Edition is visually engaging, easy to use, and seamless to set up.

Our solution not only simplifies and automates performance reviews, it also gives managers practical tips and tricks ranging from how to navigate difficult conversations to creating effective development plans. With our powerful analytics, HR and business leaders can transform performance data into deep insights to make strategic decisions that impact the bottom line. Growth Edition takes you from simply performing reviews to realising the potential of your biggest asset – your employees.

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